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Save time & money when you book your company's business trips with Musafir Business. Get quick approvals and real time expense tracker reports with full control and visibility.


All-in-one Business Travel Management Platform


Paperless approval

Send detailed approval requests to your line manager or even your CEO with one-click processing.

Super-saver policies

Stay on budget with 20+ control checks including airlines, cities, classes, rating and refundability.


Powerful reports

Visualize your travel spends and find unique ways to save by team, project, duration, cost center and more.

Tracking tags

Use tags to categorize your travel spends by title, cost-center, department, travel intent and more.



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Intelligent choices

Our AI technology recommends great flights and adapts to your choices every time you book.


Easy compliance

Red means stop and green means go. It’s that simple for your team to stick to bookings in policy.


Designed for travellers

Our full-featured mobile app puts travellers first and keeps all the complicated details out.


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